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Enterlite Infinity Feeding Pump

Jenna began to loose her swallow at 13 months old after becoming ill. 

She had an NJ tube placed at 14 months and a G-Tube and Nissen placed shortly after that.  Jenna is on continuous feeds at 20 hours per day.




Nonin Pulse Ox

Jenna wears the pulse oximeter 24/7.  It continuously monitors her blood oxygen saturation levels and her heart rate.  When she’s awake and healthy, her O2 levels are generally around 98-100%.  This machine has saved her life many times as it can tell us that Jenna's airway needs to be cleaned out as in she is choking, she is coming down with a cold or she is very sick.



Cough Assist

With SMA, all soft muscles are weakened, including the lungs. Jenna’s cough is very weak, and ineffective and she is unable to clear her own secretions. With a mask that covers her mouth and nose, and mechanical pressures of 40/40, it forces air into her lungs, and then sucks the air back out – creating a cough. This is a very important machine for Jenna and it helps keep her lungs clear of junk.  When healthy, she gets this twice a day and when needed.  When sick, her treatments are usually every 2-4 hours and can be used every few minutes if needed. 



DeVillbis Suction Machine

This is also a very important machine for Jenna.  Once the Cough Assit brings up the mucous, the suction will help get it out.  This is used in conjunction with the Cough Assist and any other time she may need to clear her nose and/or throat.


Bipap - Resmed VPAP III with Humidifier (Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure)


Bipap Masks:






Jenna uses a Nebulizer with Albuterol when sick to help open her lungs and break up the congestion, making it much easier to cough and suction.




The wedge allows Jenna to lay in a postural position and allows her lungs to drain toward her throat - making it easier to cough and suction.  This is used as part of her daily therapy and when ill.



Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen Tanks





Kid Kart Stroller/Wheelchair/Seat




Kid Kart Quickie Power Chair



Hensinger Neck Support


Tumbleforms TriStander


Tumble Forms Seat



Flamingo Potty Chair



Leckey Bath Chair


TLSO- Boston Body Jacket




The DAFO (Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis) helps Jenna maintains the correct alignment of the bones in the foot and ankle.  Due to Jenna's low muscle tone, her feet tend to develop “foot drop” – tightening of the foot/ankle muscles – no longer allowing free movement.  The DAFO’s helps to slow the progression and allow proper alignment of her feet.  With these, she is maintaining a neutral position.



Knee Immobilizers

Jenna has developed contractures in her hamstrings and can no longer "straighten" her legs out.  The knee immbolizers help stretch those muscles and help loosen her tendons. 


Wrist Splints


Danmar Head Float


Suitcase Ramps




Van Modifications - Lowered Floor, side entry, ramp







Microlite Switch



Switch Interface Pro 5.0

Switch Interface Pro