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I love reading books. I call it a "booka". I really amaze my mamma. She thinks that she has never heard or seen a baby/toddler love books so much. Every time my mamma gets me ready for a nap (afternoon or night) I have to read a book. Yes, read a book. I can pretend to read a book to you. I move my fingers across the book and babble a few words! :) 

has been my hobby since I was a baby. When I would go into one of my crying spells when I was about a month old. My mamma would have no clue what to do. But thanks heaven, for my Daddy. He would turn on the music and Tada... Guess what, I would be as quiet as a mouse listening to music. I love music: When I'm in the car and upset and cranky, my daddy turns on the Hindi Remix "Kanta Laga" and I start enjoying the music. Don't I have a good taste! :) Now I can even say "Sa Re GA Ma Pa Tha Ni" of course I change the order at my will! 

Watching TV:
 has been my hobby since I was an infant. My mom (I call her mamma) was first in this idealistic world of not to show too much tv. But I proved her wrong and brought her back to the real world. Even as an infant, I would not eat without watching TV. And Boy, was I choosy! I used to watch:

Baby Einstein Series: 

  • Baby Mozart,

  • Baby Bach, 

  • Baby Dolittle

  • Baby Neptune,

  • Baby Macdonald. 

I love watching TV and I have some personal favorites: 

Dora the explorer (I love repeating words in Spanish)
Blue's Clues (I love to yell out, “acue” (a clue)! 
Rolie Polie Olie ( I call it Olo olo)
Elmo’s World ( I can recognize ELMO in any size)
Teletubbies ( I can say their names and uh-uooh!)

I'm an avid fan of tv. I can also remember all the commercials that I see on our Regional TV channels. 



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